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Day Scope with 4X Magnification


The new MEPRO 4X is a fixed x4 magnification, compact and lightweight , telescopic day sight. Utilizing a quick release Picatinny adaptor, this MIL-STD sight provides different brightness settings for efficient target acquisition in any tactical situation. Energy efficient, the sight operates on a single battery and features auto-shutdown after one hour. The MEPRO 4X is an extremely robust and easy-to-use tool, ideal for modern combat operation.


  Wide field of view
  Safe eye relief
  Numerous optional reticle
  Numerous brightness levels for different tactical scenarios
  Operates with  a single battery
  Auto shut-off feature
  Compact and lightweight
  Fully adapted for MEPRO XT4 clip-on
 Exceptional short length, allows a rapid opening of the LMG receiver cover.



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