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Always looking to supply civilian communities with "tomorrow's needs", continuing its long tradition of providing state-of-the-art solutions for the day and night enviromental conditions, MEPROLIGHT now offers a growing range of optical and electro-optical sights and devices. Some of these devices incorporate the advantages of tritium technology as a means of having a "passive" non-energy consuming product or as a guaranteed backup in the event of damage to the electronics.


Among our largest customers are the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the Israeli Police and special services. In Israel, MEPROLIGHT works closely with the military industries and military and security agencies - the IDF and, in particular, their special units – with particular emphasis on those units interested in an upgrade to their present night operations capabilities. In fact, we are considered the IDF’s development workshop for a wide variety of products and applications. Many new products are developed together with them and immediately proven in tactical situations.

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Meprolight markets and produces a wide array of electro optical and optical sights and devices, night vision sights and devices, thermal sights, laser rangefinders and other tritium illuminated products and accessories for safety and security applications for the law enforcement, military and civilian communities.