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Self Illuminated Compass

Self Illuminated Prismatic Magnetic Compass

Never Lose Your Way
The Need
Shining a light on a compass at night robs you of precious night vision. In the case of soldiers and law enforcement personnel, it might also give away their position.
A durable self illuminated hand-held compass that can be relied upon in low/no light conditions, is a device that is needed by both the military and civilians alike.
 Law Enforcement
 Civilian Market  Hunters, Recreational,Campers & Explorers, Hikers.
Our Solution
Designed through rigorous field trials, Meprolight's tritium Self-illuminated Compass is built to last, along with you. It is designed for use with only one hand, allowing user to stay combat-ready while choosing direction, and can be used in total darkness without giving away a user's position.
The tritium Self-illuminated Compass comes as a sealed liquid-filled module requiring no maintenance or calibration whatsoever.
Its rugged outer shell housed in a protective cover.

Meprolight's self illuminated compass may be ordered with one the following scales:
- 360 degrees
- 360 degrees and small MIL markings
- MIL markings with small degree markings
- Highly accurate, within 1 degree
- Requires no batteries or switches - always works when you need it
- Wide 20 degree field of view
- Maintenance free
- No parallax error
- Resistant to corrosion

 * Due to restrictions and regulations in certain countries, some tritium products may  
    not be available for sale in your country.


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