Mepro M21, Mepro M22, Mepro Mor Pro, Mepro GLS (PURCHASED BEFORE 01/01/24)

Consumer Warranty Certificate

Product: Mepro M21, Mepro M22, Mepro Mor Pro, Mepro GLS (For Items purchased before 01/01/24)

MEPROLIGHT® (1990) Ltd. (the “Company”) warrants the product (the “Product”) to the original purchaser (the “Owner”) against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of the purchase, Tritium luminance is warrantied for 10 years a.k.a. “Warranty Period

“Personal use” shall construe the use of the Product, for personal Commercial/Civilian use., e.g., self-defense, competition, etc.

In the event of product malfunction during the Warranty Period of coverage, the Company, at its discretion will either:

      1. Replace the product at no charge

      2. Repair the product, at no charge, to its operational capacity

Repair or Replacement constitute the only remedy to address the malfunctioning product.

The Company undertakes to replace the defective product as soon as possible following the proper filing of the RMA (Return Material Authorization) request and the return of the defective product by the Owner. Any warranty claim must be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt showing date of purchase.

The Warranty shall not apply in cases in which the product defect or malfunction is caused by any of the following:

     1. Assembly, disassembly, servicing, or repair of the Product not specifically authorized by the Company

     2. Damage to the Product caused by abuse, misuse, improper or unreasonable use or neglect, etc.

     3. Alteration of the Product by removing parts or adding aftermarket components

     4. Product loss or theft

     5. External cosmetic damage that has no effect on the Product’s functionality

In the event the Company finds the warranty claim fails to meet the standards expressed in the Warranty Agreement, the Company will inform the Owner of the finding.

In the event the Owner requests Product repair or replacement at its own expense, the Company shall inform the Owner of the costs associated with said replacement or repair and will receive approval from the Owner before any action is executed. The Company may decline to provide repair at its discretion.

Under all circumstances, The Company’s warranty and liability are limited to the repair and/or replacement of the Product according to the policies established in this Warranty. The Company is not liable to pay compensation for physical harm, damage to property, losses, prevention of profit, prevention of use, or any other damage caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use of the Product.

The Company reserves the right to deviate from the terms of the warranty specified above in accordance with the terms set forth in specific sales agreements.

The Warranty Agreement is limited to the Original Owner and is not transferable.


If your product applies to our warranty feel free to fill out an RMA request here.