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Aviator Night Vision System
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The MEPRO BINIMON (A) night vision binocular provides the user with depth perception (3D viewing) and delivers outstanding performance under a wide range of lighting and environmental conditions.

Collaboration with various aircrews during system development has resulted in an ergonomic design as well as easy and intuitive to operate the system.

The binocular is a rugged and metal-constructed, yet a lightweight system compatible with all commercially available 18mm image intensifier tube technologies.

The system fits most aviator helmet visors and can be used in either fixed or rotary-wing aircraft; the BINIMON (A) is also compatible with heads-up displays (HUD).

All cockpit display types can be properly viewed using one of the available A, B, C class or 645nm objective filters.

The MEPRO BINIMON (A) features individual interpupillary adjustment for a convenient fitting of the system’s eyepieces to each eye, its 25mm eye-relief ensures consistent high-quality imagery with full 40˚ field-of-view regardless of exact eyepiece positioning.

The system includes an easy-to-use flip-up mechanism, so when unaided viewing is necessary it can be quickly removed from the field-of-view.

Proven Advantages

Dual-tube night vision binocular providing depth perception (3D viewing)
Rugged construction
Innovative ergonomic design with multi-directional adjustment
Compatible with various types of aviator’s helmets
Designed for both military and civilian applications

Tech Specs

Magnification 1X
Field of View (FOV) 40º
Focus Range 25cm to infinity
Diopter Adjustment (+2) to (-6)
Interpupillary Adjustment 52mm to 72 mm
IR Illuminator ~3 m
Image Intensifying Tube ANVIS type18mm GEN ll+ or GEN lll image
Power Supply 2x AA batteries (Alkaline/ Lithium) X2 packs
Operation Time 25 hours (for each pack)
Weight 570g
Dimension (LxWxH) 125x127x55mm