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Night Vision Binocular
night_vision Mepro BOXER
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night_vision Mepro BOXER


The Mepro Boxer is a Night Vision Binocular (NVB) that offers high-resolution image in a lightweight, single tube binocular configuration.

The binocular can be installed on head mount assembly to enable hands-free observation.

The Mepro Boxer enables automatic shut-off in flip-up position and an automatic shut-off when illumination is more than 1 Lux.


Proven Advantages

Enables hands-free nighttime observation
Built-in IR illuminator
Interpupillary adjustment
Automatic shut-off in flip-up position or when illumination is over 1 Lux
On/Off/IR momentary/IR switch
Power supplied by two standard “AA” batteries

Tech Specs

Magnification 1X
Field of View (FOV) 40°
Optional magnification 3X, 4X, 5X (attachment)
Focal length 26mm
Focus range 25cm to infinity
Diopter range (+2) to (-6)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 150 x 152 x 77 mm
Weight < 0.5 kg
Power source 2 x 1.5V or 1 x 3.6V (AA battery)
Operation Time >80 hours