Super Bright LED Illuminated Sight for Daytime
and Nighttime Operation

  • Day&Night

  • Rapid Instinctive Aiming

  • Energy efficient

Mepro Evergreen™ is a super bright LED-based illuminated sight for daytime and nighttime operations. The Mepro Evergreen™ enables the shooter to hit stationary or moving targets while increasing dramatically the hit probability.

In daytime and nighttime operations, the shooter’s target acquisition capability deepens on a clear view of crystal clear solid dots. The super bright LED light source inserted into both front and rear metal housing, ensure a clear sharp illuminated three-dot picture.

Based on an illuminated sight patent, The Mepro Evergreen™ has an exceptional power source that ensures constant and reliable use of 5 consecutive years of operation.

Meprolight also offers selective pistol models the Mepro Evergreen™ super bright LED front sight only with U shape rear sight (not illuminated). Both options have shown a dramatic increase in users’ hit probability.

The Mepro Evergreen™ does not contain any hazardous material and complies with European standards.

Superior production methods and rigid quality control have made Meprolight the first choice among law enforcement agencies, defense decision-makers, and major weapon manufacturers. A full quality program, certified to ISO-9001:2008 and complying with NATO and US Military Specifications is in place. All products and processes at Meprolight are performed, controlled, and monitored to these demanding quality levels. Originally developed for the Israel Defense Forces, Meprolight sights are now in use by Military, Law Enforcement and Civilians on Six Continents.

Meprolight’s modern design, production and test facilities, with the most experienced technical staff in the industry are ready to support you. When quality counts, be sure with Meprolight.

Proven advantages:

  • Super Bright LED light source
  • 5 continuous years of operation
  • Colored front sight ring for fast target acquisition
  • No Switches – Always ready when you need them
  • Fit most standard holsters
  • Comply with European standards; No Hazardous Material

Responding to the user’s need, our Mepro Evergreen™ models are available for various pistols.



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