Handgun Sight

FL Bullseye™ Rear Sight

Innovative Fiber-Led Optical Pistol Sight
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Brightest Bullseye
LED Powered
Fiber Optic
24 Hour
energy efficient
Energy Efficient
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This backup plan is always in sight.

Runs on instinct. Runs at the speed of sight.

The MEPRO FL BULLSEYE™, powered by fiber-optics and an integrated battery. Like the MEPRO FT BULLSEYE™ , It enables optimal brightness during day, low light and at night.
The advanced sight features a light sensor that automatically adjusts to changing light conditions providing the shooter with a bright point of aim at all times.
The low-profile design allows the shooter to pull the gun from the holster without having to worry about snagging a shirt or jacket. It simply installs in the pistol’s dovetail and
fits most holsters.



Proven Advantages

Simple and easy installation on existing pistol slide
5 years of reliable operation with interchangeable power source
Complies with European and US standards; No hazardous materials

Compatibility List

Glock All Glock models
CZ P10 75
Sig Sauer 226/320
H&K 45/VP9/P30 (NON ORP MODELS) USP Compact