Handgun Sight

FT Bullseye™ Rear Sight

Innovative Fiber-Tritium Optical Pistol Sight
For JERICHO 941 (Not JERICHO Enhanced / II)
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12 Year Warranty
Tritium Powered
Fiber Optic
Patent Pending
eye relief
Rapid Target Acquisition
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This backup plan is always in sight.

Runs on instinct. Runs at the speed of sight.

The Mepro FT Bullseye™ sight is the fastest, brightest, and most intuitive tritium fiber optic sights we’ve ever built. This low-profile single-night-sight design is powered by fiber optics to master the day, while premium-grade tritium handles even the darkest
blackout conditions.



Aligning with a single central point of focus, the Mepro FT Bullseye™ has the feel of a red dot sight. These Meprolight® night sights are drop- and shockproof, built for endless rounds under heavy recoil, and make an excellent upgrade sight to pistols we service like Smith & Wesson, Springfield, IWI, Glock, and others. Its ultralight, snag-free design is easy to draw and gives you instinctive aiming under pressure.

Proven Advantages

Smallest optical sight in the world based on patented optical illumination
Superior visibility in all lighting conditions
No front sight needed
Fast and intuitive target acquisition
Fits most existing holsters
Simple, easy installation on existing pistol dovetail

Tech Specs

Available Bullseye Colors Green, Red
Available SKUs Green - 0631403108
Red - 0631403408
A - body width 18mm (0.71 in)
B - Vial height 6.6mm (0.26 in)
C - lens width 4mm (0.16 in)
D - Overall height 8.9mm (0.35 in)
E - dovetail length 11.3mm (0.44 in)
F - Overall length 41.4mm (1.63 in)
G - Body height 6.9mm (0.27 in)

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