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Self-Illuminated Reflex Sight for 40mm Grenade Launcher
Fiber- optic
Withstands Heavy


The Mepro GLS, 40 mm grenade launcher sight system provides the user with an accurate optic from 50-400m. (54-420 yd). Historically, experience has shown with grenade sight optics that accuracy is problematic at best. Compounding the issue, their use was pretty much limited to daylight hours.

Meprolight, utilizing state-of-the-art design and manufacturing equipment, built a dual illuminated optical grenade launcher reflex sight that functions day or night in all weather conditions.
The dual self-illuminated internal power system will operate
continuously for years without batteries or an external power

The highly durable, MIL-SPEC, MEPRO GLS features large eye relief, allowing the user to rapidly acquire the target with both eyes open, thus dramatically increasing first hit probability. Simply superimpose the illuminated dot in the sight window onto the target and shoot. The internal compensating system factors in grenade spindrift and corrects for it. Achieving high accuracy —day or night —is no longer a problem. The lightweight compact unit mounts with three different mounting adaptors to Picatinny top and side rails.

The dual illuminated MEPRO GLS optical sight is a real technological breakthrough. The lightweight, compact, mounts with three different mounting adaptors to standard top and side rails.

Achieving high accuracy – day or night – is no longer a problem. Aiming with two eyes open, simply superimpose
the illuminated dot in the sight window onto the target and shoot.

Proven Advantages

Durable Compact. Lightweight
Internal Drift Compensation
Rapid Target Acquisition – High First Hit Probability
No Batteries – No On/Off Switch–Always On, Always Ready
Multiple Mounting Options

Tech Specs

Eye Relief0-300 mm
Field of ViewUnlimited (with both eye open)
Range50-400 m
ResolutionIncrements of 25 m

Dot Size12 moa
Dot IntensityVariable (Automatic)
Drift CompensationBuilt-in
Weight250 gr
Dimensions (L x W x H)65 x 50 x 52 mm (w/o adaptor)
Mounting OptionsLeft side adaptor
Top rail Picatinny adaptor
Combined adaptor
Tavor adaptor
M16 adaptor
Insas adaptor
FN adaptor
and more


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