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Hyper-Bright™ V-Sight

Extremely Bright Day & Night Sight
hover_state Meprolight's Sight Hyperbright 41775 V-Sight
12 Year Warranty
Tritium Powered
Highly Durable Structure
Brightest Dots
hover_state Meprolight's Sight Hyperbright 41775 V-Sight


So bright it makes both eyes dominant.

A total eclipse of conventional brightness.

It’s the world’s brightest handgun sight in any light, with tritium specially formulated to give you industry-first brilliance from broad daylight to midnight. These self-illuminated, fixed tritium sights feature a unique “V” shape rear sight for extremely fast and intuitive target acquisition together with an extremely bright colored ring front sight in your choice of green, yellow, or orange, delivering maximum visibility as a night sight or day-night sight. Placing the front sight between the “shoulders” of the rear “V” shape lines helps shooters gain an immediate sight picture of the target in all lighting conditions. In addition, you can count on the Hyper-Bright™ “V” shape sights to ensure you are on Target Every Time.


HYPER-BRIGHT CONCEPT: Mepro Hyper-Bright V-sights offer the most reliable illumination for day or night shooting. Mepro Hyper-Bright V sights feature an extremely bright contrasting colored ring on the front sight and V-shaped rear sight with two tritium vials and Yellow colored dot with radiant color that is charged by light and keeps glowing in lowlight conditions for a short time in conjunction with the tritium for fast and intuitive target acquisition.


ALWAYS ON: Tritium powered, No batteries, no switches – always on, always ready 24/7/365. Premium grade green Tritium vials in the front and rear allow for low light and nighttime conditions. Maintenance-free can be mounted directly with no weapon modifications.


HIGH DURABILITY: The MEPRO HYPER-BRIGHT V-sights are drop- and shockproof, built for endless rounds under heavy recoil, made of steel, and an excellent upgrade sight to your pistol. Its ultralight, snag-free design is easy to draw and gives you instinctive aiming under pressure. Trusted by law enforcement and military personnel, these sights are reliable in any weather conditions.

Proven Advantages

First Choice of leading firearm A Unique “V” shape Rear sight and an extremely bright contrasting colored front sight ring
No batteries, no switches - always ready for action
Fast and accurate target acquisition

Compatibility List

CZ 75/85/SP01
Glock Standard Size
Sig Sauer P-Series in 9mm/.40S&W/.357Sig - #8 Rear/#8 Front
Smith & Wesson M&P Full Size ,Compact, Sub-compact M&P Shield/ Shield Plus/ 2.0


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