Multi-Purpose Reflex Sight With Two Laser Pointers (Visible and IR)
Mepro M5
  • Day & Night

  • Large Field of View

  • Highly Durable Structure

  • Withstand Heavy Recoils

  • High Transparency

  • Energy Efficient

The MEPRO MOR is a multi-purpose, multi-activated “red dot” reflex sight with laser pointers especially designed for quick
and instinctive accurate shooting.

Developed for the IDF, the MEPRO MOR has been designed with a 30mm diameter lens to assure rapid target acquisition with one or both eyes open and rapid transition between long-range and close quarters engagements.

The large field of view assures effective use of the sight under extreme conditions such as bad weather, firing after physical stress and firing under pressure.

Designed and fabricated to the highest military standards to assure years of reliable operation under all field conditions.

With active LED or passive illumination and with red and IR lasers you always have the right choice available in one
compact and rugged sight.

The MEPRO MOR assures that you are always ready for action.

The MEPRO MOR has all the advantages:

  • Operates under all weather and temperature conditions.
  • Totally integrated day/night operation.
  • Passive self-illuminated system.
  • LED for extra bright modes.
  • Numerous mounting options.
  • Two Laser pointers- Visible Red and IR.
  • Constant and Momentary PTL modes.

The MEPRO MOR has a 30 mm diameter lens that assures:
A large field of view.
Quick shooting in urban areas.
Rapid target acquisition.
Effective use of sight under extreme conditions such as harsh weather conditions, firing after physical stress and firing under pressure.

Reticle Options:

Get your target with Mepro MOR
Magnification 1x
Lens Diameter  30 mm
Field of view  160° with both eyes open
Energy Source for Reticle Fiber Optic for day, Self-Illuminated for twilight and night.
Adjustable LED for Extra Bright modes
Aiming Point  4.3MOA / Triangle / Bullseye / Open “X”
Length  150 mm
Width  51 mm (w/o adaptor) / 62mm (with Picatinny adaptor)
Height  60 mm (w/o adaptor) / 71mm (with Picatinny adaptor)
Weight  450 (w/o adaptor and batteries)
Laser pointers  Red only / Red & IR



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