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Nyx 100

Lightweight Uncooled Thermal Device and Weapon Sight
thermal Mepro Nyx 200 + microRDS 2
Thermal Device
Recording Capabilities
various reticles
Changeable Reticles
heavy recoils
Withstands Heavy Recoils
thermal Mepro Nyx 200 + microRDS 2


The innovative, compact, lightweight Mepro NYX 100 series is equipped with high—640 x 480, 17μ thermal—resolution which allows the holder to see targets in total darkness.
All Mepro NYX sights have an optional integrated IR laser pointer that can “light up” targets for yourself when using the low-light camera or to friends with NVG’s. The Mepro NYX sights are powered by four, commercially available AA batteries. Both series can operate by battery or with optional 9V-12V external power sources. Advanced power-saving capabilities provide longer operational times up to 8 hours.

The MEPRO NYX series was designed and manufactured to the severest military standards, including MIL-810, to assure years of reliable operation under all field and environmental

640×480 thermal channel
Integrated DVR
Integrated IR pointer for covert operations

Compatibility List

Mepro Nyx 100 with 1X Magnification Mepro Nyx 110 (1x Magnification)
Mepro Nyx 100 with 2X Magnification Mepro Nyx 120 (2X Magnification)

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