NYX 221

Lightweight Uncooled Multispectral
Thermal Weapon Sight and Device
  • Integrated Night Camera

  • X2 Magnification

  • Day & Night

  • Highly Durable Structure

  • Lightweight

  • High-Resolution Display

The MEPRO NYX-200 Family is an innovative, compact and lightweight multispectral weapon sight and hand-held device available in multiple configurations.

Its high-resolution 640×480, 17μ thermal core, and high-resolution day/night digital camera enable soldiers to detect targets in total darkness while still seeing image details.

Having a comprehensive view of the battlefield gives soldiers the enhanced situational awareness necessary for making precise, faster decisions to complete missions better and safer.

Advanced power saving capabilities based on motion sensor technology assures mission completion without power failure.

The integrated dual wavelength device supports various tactical scenarios including CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and covert night operations.

The MEPRO NYX-200 Family provides image capture and video recording on an internal SD card. All images and videos can be transmitted via a video out connector.

MEPRO NYX-200 Family was designed and fabricated to the severest military standards, including MIL-810, to assure years of
reliable operation under all field and environment conditions.


Unique Advantages:

  • Multispectral thermal & sensitive camera channels in a handheld or weapon-mounted sight.
  • Enhanced situational awareness at any darkness level and environment.
  • Thermal channel: 640×480 microbolometer core 17μ pixel size for high resolution.
  • Sensitive camera channel: 1280×640 Low-light or day camera.
  • Operates on commercially available “AA” batteries.
  • Integrated DVR and Video-out for recording and debriefing.
  • Versatile weapon-mounted or hand-held design.
  • MIL-STD 810 qualified.
Thermal Sensor type640 x 480, 17µ
2nd ChannelLow light camera
Spectral range8 to 12 microns
Thermal Field-of-View10.3° x 8.3°
Optical magnificationx2
Digital zoomx1, x2 or x4
Focus range5m to Infinity
Display typeOLED, 640×480
Eye relief30 mm
 Display type OLED, Display resolution 640×512
 Eye relief 30 mm
 Diopter adjustment +2 to – 6
 Video outVideo over USB
Battery type4 standard “AA” batteries (Lithium / Alkaline / Rechargeable NiMH)
External power (optional)9V TO 12V DC
Operation timeUp to 7 hours (“AA” lithium)
Dimensions (LxWxH)< 205 x 68 x 90 mm
Weight (w/o batteries)<850 g



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