Electro-optical Compact “Red-Dot” Sight
optics Mepro O2
Light Sensor
energy efficient
Energy Efficient
High Transparency Optics
Large Field of View (FOV)
optics Mepro O2


The MEPRO O2c offers durability, modularity, and reliability in a compact and lightweight platform. The sight’s unique design enables easy user-level replacement of its external reinforced hood.

The MEPRO O2c short-length and lightweight design address the need for co-mounting several devices (e.g. – magnifier, laser pointer, NVGs etc.) on weapon’s rail.

The sight, along with manual brightness control, is equipped with a light sensor supporting automatic brightness regulation and enabling seamless adjustment of reticle’s brightness in operational  scenarios characterized by rapid changes in ambient lighting.

The MEPRO O2c features advanced LED technology combined with a compact & rugged design; it provides 10’s of thousands of operating hours in day-mode using a single CR123 battery. Operating time is further extended by an energy saving system; based on a motion-sensor energy efficiency is increased without compromising reticle availability.

Proven Advantages

Clearly visible red-color dot reticle with manual & automatic brightness adjustment
Automatic brightness control (built-in light sensor)
More than 10,000 of continuous operating hours in day mode
Compatible with NVG & with magnifier scope
Compact, lightweight ergonomic design
No light signature

Tech Specs

Weight < 285 gr.
Dimensions (L x W x H) < 73 x 56 x 68 mm
Display Window Dimensions 29 x 20 mm
Aiming point diameter 2.0 MOA
Reticle Pattern Dot
Reticle Color Red
Click Size 0.5 MOA (0.14 mRad)
Brightness levels 8 Day + 4 Night + Automatic Adjustment
Power Supply 1x CR123 Battery
Weapon Mount Picatinny Rail Quick release