Quality and Standards

Meprolight is always committed to high quality. Since Meprolight gained its first ISO9001 certificate, the company steadily enhances its compliance with quality standards.

Quality and Standards Philosophy

Meprolight is surpassing the competition in adherence to quality standards and is one of a few companies in its industry that comply with such strict quality standards.


Meprolight Products

Meprolight manufactures Electro-optical and Optical sights, Nightvision devices, Uncooled Thermal Weapon sights, Self-illuminated Night sights, Laser rangefinder, Handheld rangefinder, and Fire control systems. Meprolight products, being state-of-the-art, meet worldwide  Military standards – MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 704, NATO standards and more.


Meprolight Processes

Meprolight production processes comply with ISO9001 (quality management system).

All products and processes in Meprolight are performed, controlled and monitored up to these demanding quality criteria.


Meprolight Service

Utilizing prompt, professional sales force Meprolight facilitates a high standard of service and availability along its markets, which include distributors, OEMs, and end-users, worldwide.


Meprolight Policy for Quality, Safety & Environmental  Protection

The policy of Meprolight (1990) Ltd. in the areas of quality, health & safety in the workplace, as well as environmental protection, is to attain and maintain a high level of quality of all its products, services and procedures in all of its field activities. This is attained by nurturing & promoting a cultivated work environment based on high quality, openness, transparency, innovation and excellence, all obtained by effectively implementing a quality, health & safety, and environmental protection management system.  The Company pledges to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, as well as to protect the environment and to meet the provisions of the laws and regulations related to health & safety and environmental protection.


The Company believes that the implementation of this policy will increase the company’s value and contribute to its profitability to the satisfaction of its customers, owners, and employees while at the same time creating a pleasant and safe work environment for all employees, suppliers, contractors and customers, as well as preventing hazards to public health and the environment.


The Company considers the satisfaction of its customers to be a principal goal and undertakes to provide them with the best products, to maintain continuous communication with them, to work toward providing quick responses and effective solutions to their inquiries.  To this end, the company executes a regular process of evaluating the needs and expectations of its customers, takes strides to maintain an effective system for service, providing solutions and support as an auxiliary factor to its products.


The company will determine authorities and distinct fields of responsibility in the areas of quality, health & safety and environmental protection, while allocating resources required for this purpose.

The company acknowledges that a dedicated, professionally skilled team of employees is the key to reaching its goals in the fields of quality, health & safety and environmental protection; and consequently, intends to cultivate, train, motivate and maintain a  team of willing and proficient employees, committed to the company’s policy and the goals it sets to strive for constant improvement.

The company will establish identification, evaluation and risk control procedures and will work in cooperation with the employees, in order to prevent health & safety, as well as environmental hazards.

The management acknowledges that the implementation & assimilation of this policy, by all the employees and managers is the key to achieving the policy’s objectives.

The management will allocate resources and set quantifiable goals and objectives in the field of quality, health & safety and environmental protection. It will strive to achieve and control the degree of its regular advancement.  Additionally, the company will execute corrective and preventive measures which will lead to continual improvement of this policy’s principles.

The company operates a quality, health & safety and environmental protection management system which conforms with the standards ISO 9001.

This policy will be distributed to the employees and posted on the activity sites and will be available to anyone who so wishes.


Shuki Schwartz – CEO