Vision & Mission

We are always looking to supply consumer communities with “tomorrow’s needs” by continuing our long tradition of providing state-of-the-art solutions for any day or night conditions, Meprolight now offers a growing range of optical and electro-optical sights and devices.

Our Story

The words, ‘quality control’ take on new meaning when lives depend on them. Meprolight® was founded in 1990 as the primary red dot sight, sighting system, and battle optic supplier to the Israel Defense Force (IDF). In Israel, every citizen is required to serve in the IDF and every Meprolight® employee brings that first-hand battlefield knowledge to the job. Ever since declaring independence in 1948, Israel has been surrounded by enemies who continuously launched surprise attacks year after year. Yet, they always prevailed because they were always ready. Meprolight® products include conventional sights, night sights, reflex optics, and thermal sights – all built with the tightest tolerances and QC protocols in the industry. With less than 1% defects in 24-hour sights and electro-optics. Each Meprolight® employee understands what it means to protect those you love. Our sons and daughters in the IDF trust their lives to the products we make every day. And you can too. 



We believe in putting the end-user at the center.

We know that in order to achieve the best results we need to work hand in hand with our end-users to better understand their needs and continuously improve our products.


One Source

One source for every application, every platform, and every lighting condition on earth. From the fog of war to crystal-clear days on the range and everything in between, Meprolight® sighting systems help deliver your rounds on target with peak accuracy. They’re meticulously engineered to master everything you aim for™.



Meprolight, a division of SK Group, is the premier manufacturer and global supplier of top-grade Electro-optical and Optical Sights, Self-illuminated Sights for pistols, shotguns, and rifles, Night Vision, and Thermal Sights and Devices. Meprolight’s highly trained and experienced engineers are recognized for utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology to design and manufacture premium targeting solution products. Precision engineering in conjunction with precision manufacturing, accuracy, and proven durability—Meprolight provides outstanding value for your investment.
Designed for, and proven on the battlefield, Meprolight products are used and trusted by militaries, law enforcement, and consumers worldwide. Whatever your shooting discipline, whatever the environment, Meprolight products are designed to provide fast and accurate target acquisition.


Quality Standards

All of Meprolight’s products undergo meticulous quality assurance according to international standards. The company is certified to ISO-9001, complying with NATO and US military specifications and International MIL Standards. State-of-the-art technology combined with high reliability and simplicity of use has made Meprolight the vendor of choice among military forces, law enforcement agencies, defense agencies, and weapon manufacturers.


Meprolight headquarters
Meprolight is surpassing competition in adherence to quality standards and is one of a few companies in its industry that comply with such strict quality standards.
Shuki Schwartz, CEO